Polish meat suppliers in London


Below is a selection of polish meat we supply, please visit our online store to make a purchase 

  • Sokolow Polish Sausage
  • Sokolow Feast Ham
  • Smakmak Chicken in Jelly
  • Smakmak Pork in Jelly
  • Smakmak Old Style Tripe
  • Madej Wrobel Hunter Sausage
  • Madej Wrobel Ham
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UK delivery on all orders over £300

Viking Polish Foods offer free delivery on all orders in London. For bulk buyers outside of a 100 mile radius of London your order must be over £300. To discuss our delivery options and their costs please don't hesitate to contact Viking Polish Foods on 020 8908 5593.
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Viking Polish Foods are experienced wholesalers supplying Polish Foods throughout London. You can purchase directly from us online so do not hesitate to visit our online store to make a purchase quickly and easily today.

If you have any queries regarding bulk buying and delivery information please do not hesitate to contact us on 

020 8908 5593

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